We are a research group based in the University of La Laguna formed in the late nineties. Since then, we have actively participated in research projects, the creation and edition of the journal Psyechology, the foundation and management of the association of environmental psychology Psicamb, we have participated and organized multiple conferences, among other activities.

We have an extensive experience studying the bond that people develop with places, mainly focusing on concepts such as place attachment and place identity. Some of our papers have become a benchmark in that field from a theoretical and methodological perspective. Our research has helped differentiating the concepts of attachment and identity as well as establishing their measurement.

We have been studying how beliefs, norms and self-efficacy are capable of explaining sustainable behavior. We are interested in different visions of the person-environment connection, specifically an interdependence worldview that includes beliefs oriented, at the same time, towards the defense of human and environmental interests, and how those beliefs affect the behavior.

Along these years, we have developed close relationships with multiple groups both nationally and internationally, with which we collaborate actively and are part of who we are.